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  • Jorie Name: Janice Greenwood
    Topic: Body positivity
    Story: Well… I saw this blog while searching in the tag bar about people that are curvy like me and I couldn’t be happier when I saw this tumblr. I am only 18 with a weight of 165 lbs and height of 5'4’’. I could tell you a story about getting over not being the typical body but the truth is I am still gaining confidence and self love… But this blog, it’s really helping me out :)
  • Jorie Name: Gretchen Weiners
    Topic: Love your body
    Story: I feel like it’s NECESSARY for me to share my story for all women/girls out there struggling with their body image. My name is Gretchen, I’m 22 years old and I stay in Los Angeles! I was skinny my entire life, up until 2010 I was 125 lbs and below. However, due to a pregnancy (that resulted in a miscarriage) in 2011, I gained about 50 lbs (175 lbs). Since I’ve never been a “bigger” girl, I struggle even to this day with my current body image. I’m now 160 lbs and I want every woman/girl out there to know that we’re all beautiful and much too unique to fit in ANY category. Whether you’re curvy, thin, have an athletic build or anything in between, you’re amazingly beautiful and your body tells a story of who you are. Thank you for this blog, it’s such a relief to see women/girls show their bodies and share their measurements…not these video models and celebrities. <3 MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL! Bust: 40 in/ 40 DD Waist: 33 in Hips: 40 in -
  • Jorie Name: Honey Monet
    Topic: My story
    Status: Hey everybody! Unfortunately, I don’t know my measurements. :/ But I wanted to share my story with you guys. I’ve always been ashamed of my body and uncomfortable in my own skin. I beat myself up so much in the past about the way I looked–starved myself, I even went as far as hitting myself sometimes. Literally throwing punches as my own self–silly right? But one day I looked at myself and decided I was going to accept myself and love myself for who I am. And since then, I’ve been doing better. I tell myself that I am brilliant, beautiful, and worthy of love. I still have my days where it feels hard to believe, I’m a work in progress. :) But a few weeks ago I entered a competition for a year long modeling contract with a company called “Curvy Kate”, just for fun. I took pictures of myself in a bra and underwear and I sent them off for judgment. It was terrifying. And then a couple days ago, to my surprise I find out that out of thousands of women in the entire North America, I made it into the TOP 20 WOMEN! I’m STILL in shock. So if you guys would, pleeeaseee help me get into the TOP 5 so that I can go to New York and do a photoshoot with them by going to this link:, clicking on the tab that says VOTE at the top, finding my name and THIS picture and clicking the word VOTE, that would really mean the world to me. I really want to be apart of this movement of inspiring women of all shapes to love their bodies! Thank you so much in advance! uf
  • Jorie Name: Nyx Primrose
    Topic: Body Positivity
    Story: W: 154 lbs H: 5'3’’ I found this blog a few weeks ago and I thought it would be cool to share my story with you guys. I’ve been labed fat for all my life. My mom is crazy about weight so she made me go on diet when I was like 6 years. Thanks to her, I’ve grew up thinking that only skinny people were beautiful and loved. (in fact I still think it even though Im trying to accept myself) My high school years were horrible. I could feel that boys would treat my girl friends better than me cause they were skinny and I wasn’t. When I started to attend to university, I went to a party and this guy told me that I was soo fat in front of everyone. I didn’t know what to do in that moment so I just stayed there while people laughed at me. Lately I’ve realized that it’s waste of time hating yourself. If you don’t love yourself first, nobody else will do. Plus there’s nothing sexier in a girl than confidence. It took me a while until I accept that even though I will never be like a super skinny girl, I still look beautiful in my own unique way and I do deserve to be loved regardless my weight!